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  • The Lands of Ancient Lothian: Interpreting the Archaeology of the A1

    The Lands of Ancient Lothian


    Between 2001 and 2004, archaeological work during the A1 road upgrade in East Lothian unearthed 11 sites spanning 5,000 years. Discoveries included ninth millennium BC microliths, ceremonial practices, settlement evidence, and ritual activities up to the first millennium BC.

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  • The Moon and the Bonfire: An Investigation of Three Stone Circles in North-East Scotland

    The Moon and the Bonfire


    This volume presents the result of three excavations and two field walking surveys in Aberdeenshire intended to shed new light on the character, chronology and structural development of the distinctive recumbent stone circles which are such a feature of north-east Scotland.

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  • On the Fringe of Neolithic Europe: Excavation of a Chambered Cairn on the Holm of Papa Westray, Orkney

    On the Fringe of Neolithic Europe


    One of the two chambered cairns built as burial monuments on the tiny Holm of Papa Westray is the subject of this book. First excavated in the nineteenth century, and again in a more scientific manner in the 1980s, it has shed surprising light on life, death and ritual in Neolithic times.

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Cover for The Antiquarian Rediscovery of the Antonine Wall The Antiquarian Rediscovery of the Antonine Wall
Lawrence Keppie (Author)
April 28, 2023