Culduthel: An Iron Age Craftworking Centre in North-East Scotland


Candy Hatherley (ed)
Ross Murray (ed)


prehistoric archaeology, material culture, roundhouse, furnace, hearth, metalworking, manufacture, crucible, quern

Highland, Scotland, UK


late 1st Millennium BC; early 1st Millennium AD; Iron Age; Neolithic; Early Iron Age; Middle Iron Age; Late Iron Age


The Iron Age settlement at Culduthel (NGR: NH 664 414) is one of the most significant later prehistoric sites identified in mainland Scotland. Archaeological excavation in 2005 revealed a craftworking centre which had specialised in the production of iron, bronze and glass objects between the late 1st Millennium BC and early 1st Millennium AD. This volume combines illustrated catalogues of finds with expert analyses to offer a unique insight into manufacture, trade and exchange of an Iron Age community in north-east Scotland.


‘[Culduthel] brings together 20 years of painstaking research into the finds to share extraordinary insights into life between 200 BC and AD 200 in the Moray Firth.’

– Susy Macaulay (Press and Journal, ‘Sophisticated, artistic, well-travelled: what the Culduthel dig tells us about pre-historic Highlanders’)


  • Front matter
  • 1 | An Iron Age craftworking centre
    Candy Hatherley, Ross Murray
  • 2 | Chronology and the radiocarbon dates
    Candy Hatherley, Ross Murray
  • 3 | Earlier prehistoric activity and Early Iron Age occupation
    Candy Hatherley, Ross Murray
  • 4 | Period 3 – the Iron Age craftworking centre
    Candy Hatherley, David Dungworth, Fraser Hunter, Dawn McLaren, Gillian Paget
  • 5 | Period 3B – the later craftworking centre
    Candy Hatherley, Ross Murray
  • 6 | The finds – Part A
    Pottery and fired clay
    Ann MacSween, Colin Wallace, Dawn McLaren, Gillian Paget, Daniel Sahlén
  • 6 | The finds – Part B
    Torben Bjarke Ballin, Dawn McLaren, Fraser Hunter, Fiona McGibbon
  • 6 | The finds – Part C
    David Dungworth, Dawn McLaren, Fraser Hunter
  • 6 | The finds – Part D
    Fraser Hunter, Mary Davis, Ian Freestone, Hillary E M Cool
  • 7 | Craft and settlement in later Iron Age north-east Scotland
    Candy Hatherley, Ross Murray
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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Author Biographies

Candy Hatherley

Dr Candy Hatherley is an archaeologist with over 25 years of experience of excavation and research in Scotland and throughout the UK.  She is currently a Project Manager at Headland Archaeology.

Ross Murray

Ross Murray is a Project Manager at AOC Archaeology Group with nearly 20 years of experience as an archaeologist, working within the commercial heritage environment. His work encompasses all aspects of excavation and post-excavation analysis.



February 18, 2022

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