Rhum: Mesolithic and Later Sites at Kinloch, Excavations 1984–86


Caroline R Wickham-Jones (ed)


bloodstone, lithic, blade, flake, flint, core, stone tool, scraper

Highland, Scotland, UK


Mesolithic; Neolithic; second millenium BC; third millenium BC


This volume is the report of the archaeological excavations that took place on the island of Rhum between 1984 and 1986. The text contains details of the stratigraphical remains on site, and in particular the large body of Mesolithic material recovered. It describes the methodology, detailed analyses of the artefactual assemblages as well as the environmental and geophysical studies that were carried out in conjunction with the excavations. A section on the use of raw materials in the west of Scotland takes the coverage beyond Rhum, and the final section presents an interpretation of the site in the early settlement of Scotland.

Detailed information relating to the methods and results of analyses and the full accounts of specialist work are included in microfiche scans at the end of the chapter list.


  • Front matter
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • Introduction and notes to the volume
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 1 | The island background and the discovery of the site
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 2 | The excavation
    strategy and techniques
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 3 | The excavation
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 4 | The lithic assemblage
    raw materials
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 5 | The lithic assemblage
    definitions and composition
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 6 | The lithic assemblage
    primary technology
    Peter Zetterlund
  • 7 | The lithic assemblage
    secondary technology
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones, Sinead McCartan
  • 8 | The lithic assemblage
    use and deposition
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 9 | Other small finds
    coarse stone tools, pottery, pumice, and bone
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • 10 | The radiocarbon determinations
    Gordon Cook, Elaine Scott
  • 11 | The postglacial environment
    Ken Hirons
  • 12 | Site formation processes
    Donald Sutherland
  • 13 | The use of bloodstone as a raw material for flaked stone tools in the west of Scotland
    Ann Clarke, Daffydd Griffiths
  • 14 | Interpretation and context
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • References
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • Index
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones
  • Microfiche section 1
    Caroline R Wickham-Jones, Mary Kemp, Ann Clarke, Graham Durant, Daffydd Griffiths, Bill Finlayson
  • Microfiche section 2
    Romola Parish, Kevin Edwards, Ken Hirons, Brian Moffat
  • Microfiche section 3
    Rod McCullagh, Barbara Maher, Dave Watson, Donald Davidson, David Jordan, Simon Lee, Donald Sutherland, Andrew Dugmore, Gordon Cook, Elaine Scott


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Author Biography

Caroline R Wickham-Jones

Caroline Rosa Wickham-Jones was a prolific, dedicated and accomplished academic of Scotland’s prehistory with an exemplary publication record. She was an innovator and leading scholar of the earliest post-glacial settlement of Scotland, of submerged prehistoric sites and landscapes around Scotland, and of the intimate relationships between people and the environment, sharing information through an impressive dedication to public engagement.



November 11, 2022

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