The Lands of Ancient Lothian: Interpreting the Archaeology of the A1


Olivia Lelong (ed)
Gavin MacGregor (ed)


Microliths, Human remains, Mortuary structures, Cist, Cairn, Midden

Lothian, Scotland, UK


Mesolithic; Neolithic; Bronze Age; Roman; Iron Age


The upgrading of part of the A1 road in south-east Scotland prompted the excavation of eleven archaeological sites. These spanned a period of 5,000 years from the early fourth millennium BC to the early fifth century AD. This volume draws together the results of the excavations and presents the story of human endeavour in the changing landscapes of ancient Lothian. In spite of the chronological range and diversity of the archaeology, evidence has emerged from the excavations for common threads across the millennia: long-held concerns with sustaining life through farming, the symbolic potency of certain objects, and the enduring perceived significance of certain places in the landscape.


  • Front matter
    Olivia Lelong, Gavin MacGregor
  • Chapter 1 | Routes to East Lothian's past
    Olivia Lelong, Gavin MacGregor
  • Chapter 2 | A burning desire to build
    Excavations at Eweford West and Pencraig Hill (3950–3190 BC)
    Gavin MacGregor, Kirsteen McLellan
  • Chapter 3 | Tracing time
    Excavations at Knowes and Eweford East (3370–3190 BC)
    Kirsteen McLellan, Ingrid Shearer
  • Chapter 4 | Everything in its place
    Excavations at Eweford West, Overhailes, Pencraig Wood and Eweford Cottages (3300–1700 BC)
    Gavin MacGregor, Eland Stuart
  • Chapter 5 | The uses of bones and beads
    Excavations at Eweford West and Pencraig Wood (2000–1120 BC)
    Gavin MacGregor, Eland Stuart
  • Chapter 6 | Emerging communities
    Excavations at Howmuir, Eweford Cottages, Biel Water, South Belto and Thistly Cross, with features from Pencraig Hill and Eweford West (1910 BC – AD 340)
    Lorna Innes, Kirsteen McLellan
  • Chapter 7 | Everyday life on a Lothian farm
    Excavations at Phantassie (210 BC – AD 340)
    Olivia Lelong
  • Chapter 8 | Moving landscapes from sea to hill, c. 8500–3500 BC
    Gavin MacGregor
  • Chapter 9 | Changes in dwelling, people and place, c. 3500–1000 BC
    Gavin MacGregor
  • Chapter 10 | Tapestries of life in late prehistoric Lothian, c. 1000 BC – AD 400
    Olivia Lelong
  • Chapter 11 | Lothian lives in the long term
    Olivia Lelong
  • Chapter 12 | Bridge to the A1 Archive
    Olivia Lelong
  • Bibliography
    Olivia Lelong, Gavin MacGregor
  • Index
    Olivia Lelong, Gavin MacGregor


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May 14, 2024